Art workshop with Hayley Ferber

Sunday, February 17, 4-6PM Amos Eno Gallery hosted an art workshop led by Hayley Ferber. Ferber presented an art project in relation to Rosemary Meza-DesPlas' Jane Anger. Meza-DesPlas explores the concept of anger as a tool for change by juxtaposing found imagery from social media, art history and mass media. Her hair is hand-sewn into a variety of grounds with small embroidery needles. Hair embodies a dichotomy: it can be sexy and engaging to people, on the other hand, it can be repulsive. After participants view and discuss the ideas and materials used in this exhibition they will be given a brief demonstration showcasing two different embroidery techniques, the running stitch and see

Member News: Candace Jensen at The Print Center

Amos Eno Gallery artist Candace Jensen is featured this winter and spring in The Print Center's 93rd International Competition as a Semi-finalist. Two of her largest monotype projects are currently featured in the online exhibition, running concurrently with the 3 solo-shows awarded to finalists at the Center's Philadelphia gallery space, located at 1614 Latimer St, Philadelphia, PA 19103. Her work and the work of the other finalists and semi-finalists can be seen here: Jensen will also be spending April 2019 in a printmaking residency at the Vermont Studio Center, in Johnson, VT. There, she will continue work on her multiple-page monotypes and monotype b

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