Upcoming Events:

Friday, May 8, 6-7:30PM

Join us as we take on Eduardo Viveiros de Castro's 2014 text heralded as "A groundbreaking vision of anthropology as the practice of the permanent decolonization of thought." 

Friday, 4/10: Introduction and Part 1, Chapter 1

Friday, 4/17: Chapter 2 

Friday, 4/22: Chapter 3

Friday, 5/8: Chapter 4

This event will take place online. Click the following link to join the meeting:

Saturday, May 16, 1-3PM

Writing Letters to Prison from Home:

Join us for our 38th letter writing event . From home, we will write letters to people in prison. If you do not know who to write to, please contact a local organization such as Black and Pink via Facebook or Instagram and one of the volunteer organizers will help you find a penpal. Additionally, you can write to people in prison for political activism by contacting NYC ABC.

Thank you for participating in this series. We are pleased to conclude our letter-writing meet-ups and encourage you to join a local letter-writing to prisoners group or start your own. To do this, get together with friends, get a P.O. Box, and start researching who might be in prison to whom you want to reach out. Maybe you heard a news story about someone who was arrested for a reason you did not agree with, such as Ramsey Orta who is currently locked in solitary confinement without basic safety measures in place to curb coronavirus. With a little research you can sometimes find the ID# and prison mailing address and send a one-time letter pf support or start a correspondence. NYC ABC has great advice on what to write available at the link above.

Thank you again for taking the time to write to prisoners. Prisoner-support is an important part of solidarity work which is one of the essential functions of artistic practice. 

Opening reception date TBD

Opening reception of Chris Kienke's Very, Very, Presidential Speech at 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Opening reception date TBD

Opening reception of José-Ricardo Presman's The Illusion that Light Travels at 56 Bogart St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

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