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Tulu Bayar


The works entitled Inbound, Intertwined, Inscribe, Intricate, Inked and Incognito are all part of Invisible, a series of mixed-media work. Each work is created by using small and medium format black and white photographic film rolls that document page by page several old books salvaged from flea markets all round the world. With this body of work, I employ elements of Ebru, the Turkish marbling technique developed in 15th century Persia, and Middle Eastern calligraphy, while introducing my own forms of visual exploration that push the boundaries of these historic forms. By concentrating on small gestures, processes and repetition prevalent in Islamic art, as well as cultural symbolism from both East and West, I seek to construct a multi-layered work in form and meaning. 


Almost forgotten in 1930’s, the marbled motifs of Ebru gained renewed interest in the 1970's. Although not as imminent, photographic film today faces a similar threat of becoming a lost art. As my medium of choice I enjoy working with the delicate and patient processing of film, which I find to be as magical as marbling.  Thus, my intention is to create an elegant dialog between the traditional and the experimental by combining elements of the past with a contemporary examination.



20's Something, 2015

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