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James Horner

James Horner is a visual artist residing in Scarsdale, NY, who strives to educate the public and divert discrimination from his LGBTQ+ community. His artwork presents intimate and psychological settings of queer folk, their issues, and LGBTQ+ heroes who have fought for equal rights. Horner focuses on painting, but also experiments with drawing, sculpture, printmaking, and zines. In his works, a strong line guides the figures which can be muscular, abstract, homoerotic, grotesque, and humorous. Horner works in the pop art and graffiti realm and implores viewers to cherish seemingly mundane moments with loved ones. 


Dain Susman

Dain Susman is a multi-faceted creator in the realms of visual art, photography, and architecture. His work explores how concept-driven processes influence imagery and space, and where the overlap of the two skews our perception. Dain approaches projects systematically, utilizing contextual influences to develop project themes through quantifiable actions (operatives) and unique fabrication techniques. As an artist formerly based in the northwest, he is especially interested in sculpting moments where urban byproducts intersect with nature, and how imagery drives the inclusion of found objects in his work. Dain currently lives in Bed-Stuy with his pet goldfish, Mr. Fish, and is a big fan of solo road trips across barren landscapes.

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Emily Loughlin

Emily Loughlin is a multi-media artist working primarily in ceramic sculpture. Since receiving her B.A. in Sculpture from Sarah Lawrence College in 2015, her practice has fluctuated between dedicated studio time and intensive ecological research, with a particular focus on biological longevity and resilience. Currently a 2023-2024 Artist in Residence with Friends of Pando in Richfield, Utah – an organism that partners with the National Forest Service to protect the World’s Largest Tree; she is also an upcoming 2023 Winter Artist in Residence at Artshack Brooklyn. Emily’s sculptures have been included in numerous group shows as well as in a recent solo pop-up exhibition at Pearl Street Caviar in Brooklyn, NY. Her works are available through Armature projects in New York and through Jessie Edwards Gallery in Rhode Island.


Christopher Squier

Christopher Squier is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, New York. Through writing, drawing, and installation, he explores optics and the role of light in contemporary visual culture, engaging research and poetics around luminescence, transparency, and invisibility to position vision as a historically-altered and politically-contentious experience. Squier has received artist residencies at the Headlands Center for the Arts, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, La Fragua Artist Residency, and Playa at Summer Lake, among others. He holds an MFA in Sculpture from the San Francisco Art Institute.

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Ryan Schroeder

Ryan Schroeder is a professional artist and museum preparator from Rochester, New York. His body of work primarily focuses on cultural erasure, environmental destruction, and overlooked people in society through oil paintings. "I think of my work as psychological realms, that depict elements of reality. I am interested in the relationships between figures, and their surroundings. I consider myself a voyeur to these scenes; watching quietly from a distance. I also make paintings that depict disheveled domestic spaces. These works in particular engage themes of chaos, loss, and mental health. I am interested in the idea of cultural erasure, by way of war, socioeconomic changes, the outsourcing of jobs, and deindustrialization."

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