Amos Eno Gallery Presents
Sur/Reality and Hyper/Reality:
10/7 through 11/14/2021

Two Small Group Shows Featuring New Works by Gallery Member Artists Joyce Yamada, Aaron Wilder, Nishiki Sugawara-Beda, David Olivant, Kahori Kamiya and Ligia Bouton.

New member artists debut works in dialogue with themes of the hyperreal and the surreal at this Fall 2021 exhibit series at Amos Eno Gallery. These two exhibits each last for three weeks, and feature works by Amos Eno member artists who have yet to exhibit in autonomous solo shows in the gallery. The first exhibition, titled “Hyper/Reality,” features artworks by Ligia Bouton, Grant Johnson and Aaron Wilder. The second exhibition, titled “Sur/Reality,” includes works by Nishiki Sugawara-Beda, Kahori Kamiya, David Olivant, and Joyce Yamada.  The conceptual correlations tying these exhibits together for visitors find multitudinous expressions in these artists’ works, providing avenues of better understanding how reality is skewed and spans multiple realizations in mediums such as new media, photography, mixed media, painting, collage, sculpture, installation and performance art.