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  • Laura Lopez
  • Deborah DeBruin
  • Teresa Gooby
  • Stephen Crone
  • Alex Wixon
  • Hilary Whitham


  • ​Moved to 3 different locations:
    1. 59 Franklin St, basement (2001-2003)​​
    2. 530 West 25th St, 6th floor (2003-2007)
    3. 111 Front St, 2nd floor (2007-2013)
  • Collaborated in a second exchange show with ARC Gallery in 2001.

In the 2000s, Amos Eno Gallery decided to move from its 4th location to 3 different locations: 59 Franklin St, basement (2001-2003)​​, 530 West 25th St, 6th floor (2003-2007), and 111 Front St, 2nd floor (2007-2013)​. During this period, the gallery had numerous directors: Laura Lopez, Deborah DeBruin, Alex Wixon, and Hilary Whitham. The "Chicago Exchange New York" done with A.R.C Gallery at Amos Eno Gallery in 1993 opened a door for Amos Eno to work with ARC Gallery in 2001 to do another exchange show but this time it was hosted in Chicago at ARC Gallery. Collaborations like this demonstrate the work that Amos Eno Gallery was doing to create permanent connections with other collectives to broaden their impact on the art world. Solo and Group shows continued, featuring new and older artist members of the gallery.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials belong to the collection of Amos Eno Gallery.

The practice of writing down meeting minutes that summarize the topics discussed during general or board member meetings continued to occur but with time those notes were handwritten or shortened into half a page of information. Topics that were frequently brought up during these meetings were finances, location, show schedule, advertising, general and board membership, etc. These meetings were held frequently and lasted a couple hours to give members the time and space to present their thoughts and vote on decisions. Show schedules were also made to layout the numerous group, exchange, and solo shows that Amos Eno Gallery would be holding each year.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials belong to the collection of Amos Eno Gallery.

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Researched and organized by CCNY fellow Yamile Baez.

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