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Not Yet Alice
In Fine Feather
Hoppy in Color
I'm Not Here
Does This Purse Go With My Hat
Crazy Hat Dress Up
Beautiful Girl
Tiny Fingers Tiny Toes
Waiting For You, Here
Musical Chairs
Safe to Play

Kathy Loev Putnam


My recent work explores the illusory worlds of young children lost in imaginative play. I am interested in the space inhabited by children old enough to autonomously interact with their surroundings, yet still young enough to presume themselves unconditionally safe. My subjects tend to be girls, engendered with both fairy tale femininity and a perceived authority over their environments. Their invented realities convey familiar yearnings of unspoiled joy, oblivious to any vulnerabilities. However, these playful scenes are marred by slight fractures, with fanciful costumes and saturated colors challenged by rough surfaces, and illogical interruptions in forms and patterns – incongruencies that portend awaiting realities.


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