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THE 1990s


  • Daniel Ferris
  • Anne Yearsley


  • Daniel Ferris
  • Michael Berkowitz
  • Tony Cueno
  • Betty-Ann Felderman
  • Emily Hixon
  • Charleen Kavleski
  • Jane McClintock
  • Mimi Oritsky
  • José Presman
  • Ann Schaumburger
  • Anne Yearsley
  • Joseph Kaminski
  • Ann Schaumburger
  • Bill Peterson
  • Jackie Zanca
  • Kevin Cooper
  • Hank Colpitts
  • Walter Swales
  • Jane McClintock
  • Winslow Bronson
  • Carlos Pisco
  • Anthony Cuneo
  • Constance Dodge
  • Suellen Glashausser
  • Joseph Kaminski
  • Margaret Plaganis
  • Eva Sayles
  • Pamela Hollinde
  • Ruth Rothschild
  • Molly Ziedler
  • Anne Yearsley
  • Mary Mallot
  • Susan Morrison
  • Raymond Dupuis
  • Madeleine Kaufman
  • and many more
  • ​Moved and stayed at 594 Broadway, 4th floor from 1990-2000.
  • Created a newsletter committee for an annual spring & fall newsletter in 1991.
  • Celebrated Amos Eno's 20th anniversary.

In the 1990s, Amos Eno Gallery decided to move from its 3rd location to 594 Broadway, 4th floor. During this period, the gallery had only 2 directors: Daniel Ferris and Anne Yearsley. Since Amos Eno Gallery's exchange shows did well, the gallery continued to collaborate with other galleries and artists to continue putting on these shows; for instance the "Chicago Exchange New York" done with A.R.C Gallery. Collaboration with artists didn't stop there, Amos Eno Gallery hosted performances and other shows with artists and organizations outside of Amos Eno: the "Feed The Beast" performance presented by the Strand Theatre Company is an example of this. Solo and group shows continued to be put on at this location; many artists from the past years continued to show with Amos Eno and even featured in their own solo shows. 

Unless otherwise noted, all materials belong to the collection of Amos Eno Gallery.

Amos Eno Gallery continued the practice of writing down meeting minutes that summarize the topics discussed during general or board member meetings. Topics that were frequently brought up during these meetings were finances, location, show schedule, advertising, general and board membership, etc. Announcements would be sent to members (something new that came out of this decade) with the agenda for the meeting attached to give members even more time to prepare themselves for these annual meetings. These meetings were held frequently and lasted a couple hours to give members the time and space to present their thoughts and vote on decisions. Attached to these meeting minutes would sometimes come with the newsletter for the accompanying season. Show schedules were also made to layout the numerous group, exchange, and solo shows that Amos Eno Gallery would be holding each year.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials belong to the collection of Amos Eno Gallery.

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Researched and organized by CCNY fellow Yamile Baez.

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