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THE 1970s


  • Judith Ostrowitz (artist member)


  • José Presman
  • Elizabeth Ayer
  • Eva Bouzarde
  • Constance Dodge
  • Donna Fried
  • Edith Harper
  • Madelyn Kaufman
  • Herb Moses
  • Phillip Orenstein
  • Judith Ostrowitz
  • Anthony Palmieri
  • Billy Pritchard
  • Audrey Rogow Schwab
  • Oscar Trugler
  • and many more
  • Moved to 2 different locations:
    1. 85 Mercer St, basement, NY, basement (1975-1976)​​
    2. 101 Wooster St, ground floor, NY (1976-1980)

Amos Eno Gallery was founded in 1975 in New York City, and was located at 85 Mercer St; in the basement. The gallery director of the time was Judith Ostrowitz, a New York-based mixed-media artist exploring imagery based on the Western Mystery Traditions - Qabalah, Alchemy, and Tarot. The first show that was at this location didn’t have a name but instead listed the address and the names of all of the artists that participated (Angus, Ayer, Bouzard, Bowman, Harper, Hixon, Jordan, Kaufman, Lick, Mitchell, Nicolescu, Orenstein, Ostrowitz, Peugh, Pickard-Pritchard, Pressman, Schiffman, Trugler, and Vis.)


Some of the names seen on the first postcard of the gallery can be found on others of this time, demonstrating the commitment that these artists had to their art and the gallery they were creating. During this time, there were many solo and group shows with the members of Amos Eno Gallery as they focused on the foundation of the organization before collaborating with other organizations. In 1976 the members of Amos Eno moved the gallery to it's next location at 101 Wooster St, ground floor, where the remainder of their shows were exhibited until 1980.

Unless otherwise noted, all materials belong to the collection of Amos Eno Gallery.

If you would like to view more documents from the Amos Eno Gallery please contact us at our email:

Researched and organized by CCNY fellow Yamile Baez.

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