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Cannibal Metaphysics reading group

On the occasion of Candace Jensen's Deep Green Query solo exhibition, the gallery is hosting a virtual reading group to deepen our engagement with the inquiries proposed in Jensen's work.

Join us as we discuss Cannibal Metaphysics, the relatively short theoretical text that proposes a new engagement with anthropology and a fundamental shift in perspective and experience. The author is Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, a Brazilian anthropologist and professor at the National Museum of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. In this 2014 book, he discusses a 21st century anthropology as being the theory/practice of the permanent decolonization of thought.

According to the publisher's blurb, Cannibal Metaphysics is:

A groundbreaking vision of anthropology as the practice of the permanent decolonization of thought.

The iconoclastic Brazilian anthropologist and theoretician Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, well known in his discipline for helping initiate its “ontological turn,” offers a vision of anthropology as “the practice of the permanent decolonization of thought.” Bold, unexpected, and profound, Cannibal Metaphysics is one of the chief works marking anthropology’s current return to the theoretical center stage.

Please join us to discuss the myths and truths at stake. We will meet on Jitsi meet, an alternative to the Zoom videoconferencing platform. Readings: 3/26: Intro, Chapter 1 4/17: Chapter 2

5/1: Chapter 3

Future dates and readings TBD

Buy the book from the publisher: PDF:

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