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A Herstory of Lesbian Bars in NYC: Gwen Shockey Charts No Man’s Land

A superb interview and article on Gwen Shockey's latest exhibition ADDRESSES written by Alexander Gonzales is published on Bedford + Bowery. The exhibition uncovers the hidden "herstory" of lesbian meeting places throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The fight against public erasure and exclusion of LGBTQ individuals in NYC began long before the Stonewall riots. The very existence of these physical spaces and/or the memory of the addresses is proof of an ongoing force.

This will be Gwen Shockey's final show with Amos Eno Gallery and we will miss her dearly! Congratulations on a fantastic show. We look forward to celebrating with you tonight at the opening, 6 - 8 PM at 56 Bogart St!

The earliest known address in the collection, Eve Addam's Tea Room, 1925

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