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It's my choice, let me burn_2022_charcoal on paper_24x18
Lengthy Conversation, Cage_2021_Charcoal on paper_24x18inches
Sleep Tries to Murder Me_2022_Charcoal on paper_24x18
Untitled Figure_2022_Acrylic on canvas_18x14inches
Man With Dog_2022_Print(Charcoal on paper)_55x38inches
Turn Around to Think, Here I Am_2023_Charcoal on paper_18x24inches
Those Moment1_2022_Acrylic on canvas_12x9inches
Think Harder_2022_Acrylic on canvas_18x14inches
Li Xin Li


Li Xin Li is a multidisciplinary artist born in China. Leaving his country of origin at the age of 15 to pursue his artistic practice, Li graduated from Parsons School of Design with BFA and is currently enrolled in the MA program at the Royal College of Art in London.

Li sees his works as a medium to carry messages and make changes. Throughout his practices, Li aims to illustrate feelings. Often taking on subjects related to humanity, emotions, social justice, and reality, Li’s works have commonly imaginative, surrealistic, and energetic themes which challenge the viewers’ emotional responses. Li believes in the idea of “you can not paint a cloud because you see the cloud, you must
feel the cloud.”


Solo show scheduled in January 2024.

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