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filthy dreams: Gentrification and Collective Grieving over NYC's Lost Lesbian Spaces

The latest blogpost on filthy dreams, the blog "For Minorities Who Don't Even Fit Into Our Own Minorities," features Gwen Shockey's ADDRESSES, on view through November 19, 2017.

The article highlights the unstated subtitle of the exhibition, which explores the relationship of gentrification to the changing urban scene. The homogenizing of urban spaces might not make a big difference to those who feel welcome everywhere, but for others, a physical gathering place that knowingly caters to a subgroup is a cherished and a fading gem.

The photographic archive of addresses that once belonged to lesbian spaces is on view at Amos Eno Gallery installed above a wallpaper of the last print issue of the Village Voice. RIP to the era of back-page ads!

filthy dreams
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