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Aruni Dharmakirthi


As an artist, Aruni Dharmakirthi explores migration, memory, and relational dynamics. They utilize personal mythology to expand on ideas of self and interdependence. Through the visual language of divination and deity worship, their work takes the form of shrines as a conduit to ancestors and past/future selves.


They are interested in transmutation within spiritual traditions. Through their creative practice, they probe the potential of generative fiction and visualization to heal histories of trauma. Imagery is pulled from their research of folklore, visualization meditations found in Mahayana Buddhism and personal archives to create collage-like tapestries and soft sculptures.


Dharmakirthi's practice embodies processes of ritual through techniques such as sewing, weaving, and needle felting. Textiles act as a marker of familiarity and comfort. Color, shape and pattern function as playful design elements to allure and invite viewers.

Aruni Dharmakirthi is a Sri Lankan-born artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. They received an MFA in Visual Studies from the Pacific Northwest College of Art and a BA in Studio Art and Art History from Florida State University. They have eight years of experience in arts education and currently teach in Woodside and Jackson Heights, Queens.



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