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"Up, at the moon" choreographed by Michelle Thompson Ulerich & performed at Amos Eno Gallery

Amos Eno Gallery was pleased to present a special dance performance on September 16, 2023, at 6 p.m., followed by a Q&A. The 16-minute duet, performed by dancers Michelle Thompson Ulerich and Lydia Soueidan, was choreographed by Michelle Thompson Ulerich in response to the The Golden Rule, a solo exhibition by artist Elena Barenghi, on view at the gallery from September 7 to October 1.

Inspired by nature and the beautiful balance present in the natural world, Barenghi's work uses colors and shapes to achieve a simple yet powerful harmony. Similarly, in Michelle's choreography, which will be performed against a backdrop of Barenghi's paintings and site-specific mural installation at Amos Eno Gallery, the dance will emerge from the wall almost as if the dancers are being born out of the mural. The movement language will tie to the visuals and explore the cycles of nature and life. A ritualistic style will be incorporated as a way to honor and celebrate the birth of the mural and the birth of all things. Michelle carefully selected music by Michael Wall to help guide the progression of this piece.

Choreography by Michelle Thompson Ulerich.

Performed by Lydia Soueidan and Michelle Thompson Ulerich.

Music by Michael Wall.

Curated by Amos Eno Gallery.

Video by Alexander Sargent.


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