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Anti-Oedipus reading group

Join us as we read and discuss this classic text of subversion and desire. What are the mechanisms of capitalism and revolt? What are the roles of art and artistic creation in life and the historical process? The influential Anti-Oedipus dives deep into these questions. Prior background in theory welcome but not necessary. We will read approximately 20 pages prior to each meeting. Readings: Sunday, 10/27: Preface, Chapter 1, sections 1-3 Sunday, 11/3: Chapter 1, sections 2-6

Saturday, 11/9: End of Chapter 1, Chapter 2, sections 1-2 Next dates and readings TBD

"The artist is the master of objects; he puts before us shattered, burned, broken-down objects, converting them to the regime of desiring-machines, breaking down is part of the very functioning of desrigin-machines; the artist presents paranoiac machines, miraculating-machines, and celibate machines as so many technical machines, so as to cause desiring-machines to undermine texhnical machines. Even more important, the work of art is itself a desiring-machine. The artist stores up his treasures so as to create an immediate explosion, and that is why, to his way of thinking, destructions can never take place as rapidly as they ought to."

-Chapter 1, Section 4: A Materialist Psychiatry, Paragraph 16

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