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Art workshop with Hayley Ferber

Sunday, February 17, 4-6PM Amos Eno Gallery hosted an art workshop led by Hayley Ferber. Ferber presented an art project in relation to Rosemary Meza-DesPlas' Jane Anger.

Meza-DesPlas explores the concept of anger as a tool for change by juxtaposing found imagery from social media, art history and mass media. Her hair is hand-sewn into a variety of grounds with small embroidery needles. Hair embodies a dichotomy: it can be sexy and engaging to people, on the other hand, it can be repulsive.

After participants view and discuss the ideas and materials used in this exhibition they will be given a brief demonstration showcasing two different embroidery techniques, the running stitch and seed stitch. They will then explore a selection of found images choosing one that inspires an emotion to be interpreted as a tool for change. This image can be something that makes them feel joy, sadness, peace, etc. They may also choose a blank sheet of white or black paper. Once they have selected their imagery they will embroider directly onto it to collage additional images and create lines, drawings and text to express their beliefs.

Materials: Pencils Scissors Embroidery thread Embroidery needles White and black paper Found images from magazines

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