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20's Something Photo Shoot

Are you in your 20's and want to take part in a photo shoot? Are you tired of hearing that millenials are obsessed with social media and unplugged from the real world? Would you like a stylized and striking portrait of yourself that declares your identity? If you say YES to any of the above, drop by Amos Eno Gallery on Monday, June 29 between 3:00 - 9:00 pm with a choice of a possession that defines you. Each photo session will take 10 minutes. This event continues the millennial portrait project “20’s Something” by Tulu Bayar exhibited in April at Amos Eno Gallery. In keeping with the project, your portrait will include the act of throwing a material or possession towards the camera lens and the viewer, each bold gesture declaring who you are. Be part of a collaborative, and therapeutic art project!


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