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Two Walls and a Floor: Chris Kienke, Gwen Shockey, Sam Tufnell, and Lucy Wilner

June 26 - July 27, 2013

Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to present Two Walls and a Floor, an exhibition that introduces paintings, drawings, and sculptures by four recent gallery members. The exhibition title describes the blending of diverse techniques and subjects as the artists assess and engage every surface of their new environment.

Chris Kienke’s current explorations and concerns in the studio revolve around a hybrid practice of painting and digital imagery. The work is partly an examination of televised identity and stereotype. Using tele-visual images and a “glitch” aesthetic has opened the door to a post-modern painterly abstraction, which incorporates both image and surface. Kienke has been in over 60 exhibitions worldwide including solo exhibitions in New York and Scotland.

Gwen Shockey's artwork deals with the concept of rethinking and reassembling the framework of the visually represented female body. She considers subversive desire and eroticism in relation to a history of “looking” upon the unclothed woman and examines LGBT and female identity through personal narrative and symbolic imagery. Gwen works primarily on cotton and paper, drawing with graphite, thread and occasionally other mediums.

Sam Tufnell has always been fascinated with Pop art and still life painting. He is interested in creating sculpture that draws on pictorial composition and utilizes painterly imagery. Tufnell selects objects to cast that are easily identifiable and he enjoys examining familiarity as a theme. Tufnell has participated in multiple group and solo exhibitions and recently received a Solo Award at Art Expo NYC 2013.

Lucy Wilner realigns fragments of experiential reality to create a meta-universe of potentiality – a place where multiple spaces and possibilities can coexist. Her work is colorful, evocative, broadly referential and at the same time convincingly rooted in the here and now. She has exhibited widely in both group and solo shows and is collected by the Seattle Art Museum.

Chris Kienke, Rapture (Modern Love), acrylic and pigment print on canvas, 15 panels, 10' x 4' approx., 2013. Sam Tufnell, Still Life # 2 (The South Beach Diet), patinaed urethane casting, 2012. Gwen Shockey, Mirror I, graphite and charcoal on paper, 17"x24", 2010. Lucy Wilner, Origin Myth, Acrylic on Canvas, 58” x 30”, 2008.

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