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Two Entities
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Young Gi Han


Young Gi Han’s work is in between painting and object, which refers natural formulation of gemstones and aesthetic of natural existence. She is inspired by the origin of mirror, her artistic medium, and the history of ancient mirror; the development from reflective water-polished stone; Obsidian, to today’s mirror. Her art practice, such as polishing and dripping, giving structure with accidentally scraped cement, traces the origin of mirror in a contemporary art context.


Ultimately she implies the similarity between human and stone; the sole and natural existence. By letting her painting reflect viewers through the polished brass and mirror, she also gives a room for viewers and conveys the universal story, natural existence. The composition, ellipse, refers gemstone or human faces, so the artist makes them in the range of human face size, to imply their similarity: the sole existence.


Young Gi Han (aka Tina Han) was born and grew up in South Korea. The artist currently lives and works in Brooklyn. She holds MFA in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts, New York, and BFA in Fine Arts from Kyung Hee University, Seoul. She has been exhibiting her piece in New York and Miami, covered by Bronx Times, New York magazine, and New York Ilbo; Korean New York Times.

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