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Royal Tar Collective

Group Painting Show

Unique to the Nature

January 12 - 28, 2018


Amos Eno Gallery presents Unique to the Nature, a group exhibition of paintings by Amos Eno Gallery members Nancy Elsamanoudi, Hatidza Mulic, Heidi Neff, Mimi Oritsky, Mary Saran and Meredith Starr. 

Unique to the Nature explores painting as a medium with its own language, its own past, present and future. Each artist begins from a different position with regard to the nature of paint. In some instances, the image is allowed to succumb to the materiality of paint and in others, a form emerges that is “unique to the nature” of paint adhering to no external reality principle. What these continued variations show are the legacy of medium-specificity beyond modernist painting and the infinite configurations that give rise to contemporary painting.

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