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Sinejan Kılıç Buchina


August 2 - 4, 2019

Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to present KÜF, an exhibition of new works by Sinejan Kılıç Buchina. An opening reception will be held on Friday, August 2 from 6:30-8:30 PM at the gallery’s location at 56 Bogart Street in Brooklyn, NY.


Sinejan Kılıç Buchina’s large canvases confront the viewer with their layered and textural surfaces of horse hair, flowers, plants, spices, dust, metal, organic and synthetic pigments, concrete bonding agent, and Turkish tea. Embracing oxidation and disintegration, the artist’s ultimate goal is to let the paintings come to life through material processes. In her latest series, Kılıç Buchina experiments with a lighter palette, unveiling and exploring the tension between liquidity and earthy materiality. The viewer is invited to contemplate the secrets underneath the surface. Rusted fragments, steeped in pools of life matter, unveil the fluid lines of eroding borders.


In this exhibition, Sinejan Kılıç Buchina and curator Alexia Pierre continue an ongoing conversation about assemblage, process and time-based art, the conventions of abstract painting, and the complex sense of belonging to more than one place. As an ethnic minority, Circassian-Abkhazian, born in Turkey, who recently immigrated to the United States, Kılıç Buchina has observed how her concept of “home” materializes and transforms in response to physical and social environments. 


Sinejan Kılıç Buchina is a Brooklyn based artist, originally from Istanbul, Turkey. In recent years she has been making work concerning time, material growth and social diaspora. Her process-based practice relies on her personal history and traditional artistic education, both from which she actively strives to break free. Pushing the medium of paint to its limits—the results reminiscent of a relief—she uses thick, heavy materials on canvas to the point where the work evolves from abstraction to assemblage. She received her B.F.A. in Art Education from Marmara University in Istanbul, and then continued her formation studying in London, in 2009. She was selected as a resident curator at the Node Center in Berlin in 2012, before relocating to New York City, where she realized her MA in Art History and Museum Studies at the City College of New York. Kılıç Buchina’s work was recently on view at the Every Woman Biennial 2019, New York, and was included in several group exhibitions in London, New York and Istanbul. Kılıç Buchina has also led several projects as an independent curator, notably at Node Center, Hawkins New York and Alan Istanbul galleries.


Alexia Pierre is an emerging curator, based in New York and Paris. Her travels and the years she spent living in Istanbul have oriented her reflection on the attachment to places and the meaning of roots in displacement. She recently concluded her MA in Cultural Management and Policy, at Sciences Po, Paris and is currently working at ISCP, Brooklyn. 

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