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Mimi Oritsky

Inside 200

October 1 - 24, 2015

Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to announce Inside 200, an exhibition of new paintings by Mimi Oritsky.


With Inside 200, Mimi Oritsky focuses her gaze on the terrain surrounding her studio in Philadelphia. With each painting on view, Oritsky transects the immediate landscape to portray a gritty intimacy between herself and the neighboring spaces where she lives and works. Employing oil on linen and gouache on wood, Oritsky conveys the lusciousness and plasticity that would be lost with only a casual glance.


Ortisky’s subjects include the flow of air traveling among trees, rocks and flowers and the emotional experience of attending to nature with an ecstatic objectivity. Oritsky forgoes the horizontal logic and open spaces of traditional landscape painting for a nonlinear perspective and compact space. This orientation shows us a world of color and energy that is not commonly recorded. Her square canvasses suggest an obsessive and repetitive attentiveness to the dare we say, self-evident beauty of an urban-natural scene.


Oritsky’s practice of painting landscapes imbued with interiority is heightened and enhanced by the proximity of her immediate surroundings. In her aesthetic practice, Oritsky comes to terms with her environment to “create a space structured by light and a surface marked by the rhythm of the moving air.” The fallen leaves, branches and bark of trees are observed for their contextual power, the airwaves perform a dance through space.


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