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Royal Tar Collective

José-Ricardo Presman

What Happens When You Die and When You're Born

May 31 - June 24, 2018

"As long as you have it not
This death and birth,
You're but a dreary guest 
Upon this dark earth.”
 -  J.W. von Goethe

Amos Eno Gallery presents What Happens When You Die and When You're Born, a solo exhibition by José-Ricardo Presman. The exhibition will be on view at 56 Bogart St. on the first floor in Bushwick, Brooklyn. NY. A reception will be held on Friday, June 1 from 6-9 PM. An artist talk, "The Ultimate Goal of Art and Artists," will take place in the gallery on Saturday, June 23 at 4 PM.

Imagine that you occupy a finite point in the universe and that the rest of the universe extends all around you to infinity. Now, turn this image upside down and inside out like a glove so that the entire universe occupies a point as you simultaneously expand all around it to infinity.


Sir Isaac Newton asked why an apple falls from a tree. J.W. von Goethe, by contrast, observed the process by which an apple gets up there in the first place. Understanding formative forces requires knowledge of gravity as well as its polarity, levity. Furthermore, coming to terms with animal and human existence requires the inclusion of what were traditionally called soul and spiritual qualities of reality.

Presman's art attempts to re-integrate the "on-looker separation" mentality that continues to proliferate in culture. He considers experiencing his installations as the optimal way to begin this process. His muted colors and the consistent form of his pen and pencil drawings explore the view of reality existing as light and dark - light being infinite and instantaneous.

José-Ricardo Presman was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has exhibited in many group shows in the U.S. and Canada. This is his latest of numerous one-person exhibitions at the Amos Eno Gallery. The exhibition is open Thursdays to Sundays, 12-6 PM.

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