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José-Ricardo Presman:

The Illusion That Light Travels

February 18, 2021 – March 14, 2021

Virtual Tour and Presentation: Friday, February 19th from 5:30 PM

Zoom link:

Opening Reception: Friday, February 19th, 6-9PM


Amos Eno Gallery presents The Illusion that Light Travels, an exhibition of new works by long-time gallery member and co-founder José-Ricardo Presman. A virtual exhibition tour and presentation will take place from 5:30 PM on Friday, February 19th via Zoom (link here) followed by an opening reception from 6-9 PM at the gallery’s location at 56 Bogart Street in Brooklyn, NY. The artist’s presentation will cover themes such as how the creative mind coordinates with the rational mind in an artistic context.

The title hints at the requirement that we revisit thoughtlessly repeated perspectives. By intuitively experiencing our inner and outer worlds, these perspectives can build knowledge or lead to creative thinking. Presman states, "We've been misled into thinking that we're debunking myths (falsehoods) when in fact these so-called myths are remembrances of our living past. This deception was necessary in order to simultaneously strengthen and expand our self-awareness. With this newfound self-awareness we can now, through our own efforts, remember the wisdom of our past.” Presman makes a clear distinction between the processes of building knowledge and creativity when he states “Knowledge requires that we remember our past in a new way and in full, self-awakened consciousness. In creativity, on the other hand, something brand new makes its appearance."


On view in the exhibition are wax pastel sketches on black chalkboards divided into three groups. Four smaller units are drawn in hourglass shapes, permeated by the four original elemental forms as solid, fluid-like, airy and warm. A poem accompanies the grouping. Three larger panels indicate a vision of organic, animal and human origins, respectively. An eighth sketch is reminiscent of what is isolated and discarded. Three collages are included in the exhibition. The short story, The Story of the Old Man Who Became Younger and Younger, contextualizes the exhibit, and copies are available for purchase at the gallery.


José-Ricardo Presman was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and received his MFA from Pratt Institute. He has exhibited in numerous solo shows at Amos Eno Gallery in New York and in various group shows throughout the US and Canada.

Image: José-Ricardo Presman, See Evil, 2019. Paper collage (framed), 12 x 12 inches.

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