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Hyper/Reality: Ligia Bouton, Grant Johnson, Aaron Wilder

Curated by Amos Eno Gallery Director, Audra Lambert

October 7 - 24, 2021

Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition Hyper/Reality,  marking the first of (2) exhibitions over a six week time period at Amos Eno Gallery. Featuring works by Artists Ligia Bouton, Aaron Wilder and Grant Johnson, and curated by Gallery Director Audra Lambert, the show presents works by artists who have not yet had a solo exhibition with the gallery during their tenure.


Hyper/Reality opens on Friday, October 8th from 6-9 PM and light refreshments will be provided. Come and join us, and experience works by some of the newest gallery members on view until 10/24. 


Baudrillard’s 20th century art criticism introduced the concept of the hyperreal, which marks the rising importance of the Simulacrum over reality. Hyper/Reality confronts the many ways in which the hyperreal has overtaken reality in the present day, delving into digital and wireless technologies that have pervaded our view of what is, and is not, ‘real.’ Works on view in Hyper/Reality present altered visions of the ‘real,’ as defined by the overlap of digital, natural and social phenomenon that permeate our everyday lives.


Sculpture by Ligia Bouton embraces industrial materials while examining legends of the American “Old West,” providing humorous evidence for how these myths are actually appropriated narratives.  Works by Grant Johnson layer imagery of our surroundings while framing questions about how we experience and analyze these environments, probing what information may be omitted from our conclusions. New media, photography and installation work by Aaron Wilder asks us to reconsider narratives as political sites, asking how realities shift when they become co-opted, censored or re-interpreted in ways that may escape our notice.


Hyper/Reality forms a dialogue with themes of the hyperreal, digesting our composite realities through mediums including photography, painting, new media, mixed media, collage, sculpture, and installation. 


Image: "Golden Dawn” Ligia Bouton.


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