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Erik Patton


Erik Patton currently lives and works in NYC. His artistic interests are in the performance, construction, and deconstruction of sex, gender, and sexuality with the goal of refuting this triad's perceived fixity through ambiguity and play. He strives to create meta-sexuals not constrained by sexual or gender-based identities and is interested in: combating the repressive hypothesis; celebrating ass and asshole agency; highlighting the type of subversive repetition that calls into question the regulatory practice of identity; and visualizing the embodiment of gay is to straight not as copy is to original, but rather as copy is to copy.


Patton received his bachelor’s degree from Harvard College in Art History and Visual and Environmental Studies, attended the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, and is a graduate of Hunter College’s Master of Fine Arts program in Combined Media. In the last ~5 years, Erik has shown his work in New York, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago at various galleries, institutions and fairs including: MoMA PS1, Center for Contemporary Art (Bedminster), Governors Island Art Fair, Houston Fine Art Fair, and Via Curb Gallery at David Zwirner.


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