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Faustian Culture: Prize for the Conquest of Infinite Space
Downfall: The Going Under (series)
Diptych of Trophies
But On History's Clock It Was Sunset (series)
Accelerationsim II
Godhead Series, 2019
Downfall: The Going Under (series)
One Billion Years Hence II (On Specu
Perspectivism Series
Causal Determinism Series, 2017
High Rise III, 2017
Solipsist City Series, 2017
Still Life After Outerbridge

Andre Rubin


I am a Philadelphia-based artist and make philosophically and politically engaged collage artworks – images that are concise, bold, colorful and delineated in the tradition of pop art, political posters and advertisements. My historically informed work positions Classical art and architecture into a Postmodern context.  My works are meant to be “floating signifiers” capable of various interpretations.   I make small collages with small pieces using found photos, giant collages with giant pieces using enlargements printed on etching paper and, recently, pencil drawings.

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