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On View

Juried group show of 43 New York artists
Curated by Ellen Sturm Niz


On view July 14 – July 29, 2023
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Opening Reception
Friday, July 14, 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Amos Eno Gallery, a non-profit artist collective in Bushwick, Brooklyn, is pleased to present Transplants, on view July 14 to 29, 2023. This juried exhibition of 43 emerging local artists highlights the incredible talent in New York City, featuring 22 artists from Brooklyn, 10 from Manhattan, and 9 from Queens.


Curated by gallery director Ellen Sturm Niz, Transplants explores the act of moving a living thing from one place to another, whether a human being, a culture, an internal organ, or a botanical specimen. In each instance, the transplants undergo both a physical migration and transformation of identity as they adapt to their new surroundings. The hope is they grow new roots and thrive, but there is also potential peril if the new environment proves inhospitable.


“This theme resonates with me because it reflects the inherent human desire for exploration, growth, and adaptation,” Niz said. “We are constantly seeking new experiences, new connections, and new environments that challenge and shape us. Transplants invites viewers to contemplate the complexities and consequences of these movements, both literal and metaphorical.”


During the open call in May, New York-based artists working in any medium were asked to submit works that spoke in obvious or subtle ways to the theme of Transplants. Niz, who joined Amos Eno Gallery in January, considered painting, sculpture, photography, mixed media, installation, and more before selecting the final 49 pieces that combine for a diverse and dynamic exhibition.


“The artists demonstrated remarkable skill, creativity, and thoughtfulness in their submissions, making the selection process both emotional and challenging,” Niz said. 

“Each work seems to contribute to a larger narrative, engaging in a dialogue with the other pieces and creating a cohesive and impactful exhibition," Niz said. "My hope is that this conversation between the works extends beyond the gallery walls as the artists' messages resonate with visitors, sparking conversations on important topics such as identity, belonging, cultural exchange, and environmental impact. I invite viewers to reflect on their own experiences of transplantation and consider the broader implications of movement and adaptation in our interconnected world."


Works for sale were limited to $500 or less in order to give New Yorkers on a budget an opportunity to support local artists, as well as appeal to beginning art collectors. The artists receive 90% of the sale price.


"Artists deserve fair compensation because their talent and creativity should be recognized and rewarded," Niz explained. "I hope sales from this exhibition enable artists to continue being artists, who are an important part of any community."


"Artists serve as catalysts for cultural expression, social change, and meaningful dialogue," Niz said. "Their creations invite us to explore new ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and appreciate the diversity of perspectives that exist within our society. Artists are the soul of a community, breathing life into its cultural fabric and leaving an indelible mark on its collective identity."


By empowering artists and providing access to affordable art, the exhibition seeks to cultivate a stronger sense of community engagement and appreciation for the arts, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between artists and audience alike. An opening reception will be held on Friday, July 14, 2023, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. for the artists and community to celebrate this exhibition.


"People may say the art scene here isn’t what it used to be, in a negative way, but the resilience of the New York art community cannot be underestimated," Niz said. "Despite challenges like the rising costs of living and space limitations, artists and art organizations continue to find innovative ways to sustain themselves and their practices to ensure that art remains an integral part of New York."

Amos Eno Gallery has been a fixture in the New York art scene since 1974 when it opened in Soho. It has moved with changing arts neighborhoods over the years to land at its current space at 56 Bogart St. in Brooklyn, across from the Morgan Ave. L train stop. The gallery is open Thursdays through Sundays from noon to 6 p.m.and is run by a small community of professional artists, both from New York City and across the country, and a part-time director.

Artists in Transplants

Adrians Black Varella, Alexandra Jamieson, Ali Haselbeck, Amie Wuchter, Angel Duran, Anna Caruso, April Marten, Ariel Kleinberg, Audrey Doyle, Beca Acosta, Carolina Amarillo, Catalina Cavelight, Cecilia Martinez, Cynthia Laureen Vogt, Efrat Baler, Elizabeth Tolson, Elliot Havens, Emily Wisniewski, Fan Yu, George Goodridge, Jennie Booth, Julianne Nash, Khaila Batts, Laura Pawson, Lila Freeman, Lisa Candela, Lucia Warck-Meister, Luiza Kurzyna, Lynne Rutherford, Martha Guillorn, Matthew Heckart, Mia Gahrmann, Monica Rich, Nathalie Basoski, Pauline Galiana, Rachel Kohn, Rebecca Jean Sutton, Ryan Schroeder, Sharilyn  Neidhardt, Sherry Muyuan He, Tana Oshima, Valentine Travaille, Xin Lian.

For more information, please contact Gallery Director Ellen Sturm Niz at

​​Ellen Sturm Niz is an artist and curator who joined Amos Eno Gallery as Director in January 2023. She previously curated the 2022 Summer Salon series at Atelier Canal in Gowanus, served as a 2021 Arts Commissioner for the Queens Council on the Arts' Artist Commissioning Program, and worked with artist Elizabeth Demaray to curate an online conceptual art show for the Art Students League of New York. Ellen's art has been shown at Susan Eley Fine Art in Manhattan; Local Project in Long Island City; and Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, NY.


Ellen received a Bachelor's of Science from the Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and created and curated content for magazines and websites for 20 years, before transitioning to a career in the arts. To better support artists and provide meaningful cultural experiences to communities, she studied at the Node Center for Curatorial Studies in Berlin.

"Transplants,” the latest multi-artist show from Bushwick gallery Amos Eno, is a show about what it means to arrive, leave, and change ourselves and our environments.

This makes the show inseparable from the political and socioeconomic background against which its artists move, evolve, and come to terms with their worlds. Ellen Sturm Niz, who curated the show, has assembled a collection that asks who can and should transform or evolve in New York City and the world at large.

“When I was thinking of issues that are top of mind for people in the United States and other countries right now, it’s trans rights, it’s immigrant rights, it’s a lot of social issues revolving around people being displaced,” Niz told me before the opening. “‘Transplant,’ as a word, applies to so many ways of being displaced,” she said. 

2023 Exhibition Schedule

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