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Susan Camp & Samantha Jones

Rapture by Proxy

September 3 - 26, 2015

Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to present an installation of new works by Susan Camp and Samantha Jones. This is their first two-person exhibition presented by Amos Eno Gallery. A reception will be held on Friday, September 11th from 6 - 8 pm at the gallery, suite 120 at The Loom, 1087 Flushing Avenue in Bushwick, Brooklyn.


Susan Camp and Samantha Jones live and work in Maine. Both artists explore the relationship between material culture and human desire for control over our environment. The balance between rural and urban, constructed and natural, is a tenuous one: calling into question the motives of human manipulation and the entropic and subversive forces in our environment and our collective psyche.


While coming from different directions, Camp and Jones have found significant crossover in their work. Each artist evaluates the interplay between nature and artifice, seeing both beauty and tragedy in their fusion. Jones creates fantastic overgrown hybrids from cheap, industrial materials and glass. Camp utilizes gathered and cultivated plant materials to etch images into copper.  She also fabricates molds of body parts and uses them to constrain gourds while they are growing in her gardens.


An unsettling tone develops within Camp’s and Jones’s work, somewhere between the sterile eye of science and the lyrical, overwrought cadence of the baroque. Each body of work brings us to a place that exists at limits of beauty, and hints at the unexpected threat of the mundane.


Susan Camp is a sculptor, printmaker, organic grower and community practitioner. Her work reflects fascination and concern with the changing practices of food production and the manipulation of species in a landscape increasingly dominated by corporate farming. Susan exhibits nationally and was the recipient of a Maine Arts Commission and Harry Faust art Fund public sculpture grant. She lives in rural Maine where she regularly collaborates with members of her own species and representatives of others, including gourds.


Samantha Jones received her MFA from Tyler School of Art, at Temple University in Philadelphia. She remains fascinated by the dialogue between the urban and wild, pairing industrial & synthetic materials with a baroque temperament. She currently lives on the coast of Maine, and continues to exhibit her work throughout New England, Philadelphia, and New York.

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