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Andre Rubin featured in LeAp’s Public Art Program

Artist member Andre Rubin was invited as a Guest Artist in LeAp’s Public Art Program. Rubin was invited to address a group of NYC public middle school students specifically for the political content of his work and its resonance with their current political concerns. Rubin's work addresses political and philosophical concerns in an expansive practice that communicates complex and intense concepts through bold visual art.

Following Rubin's artist talk, the students will make works of art to be featured in a three month summer exhibition (June-August 2017) that will take place in public parks city-wide.

In their words, LeAp’s Public Art Program empowers students to have a voice in their communities on major community issues through the creation and exhibition of art in NYC parks, culminating in the largest student exhibition in New York City parks history (summer 2017).

This year marks the 10th year of the program. Each summer, hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers view students’ issue-based artworks in parks citywide and are impacted by their views on a wide variety of critical issues selected by students (eg., gangs, drugs, bullying, gay rights, pollution, racism, teen pregnancy, etc.). In addition, television and print media outlets feature students in stories in citywide and borough-wide stories which also furthers their messages on issues.

We are proud to host this wonderful arts program and congratulations to Andre Rubin who is in good company with past Guest Artists Chuck Close, Christo, Mark di Suvero, Julian Schnabel, Kehinde Wiley, Lorna Simpson, Jenny Holzer, Kenny Scharf, Daze, and many others!

Here is a video about this great program that empowers kids through art:

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