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Jesse McCloskey, 'Apollo and Daphne'  Mixed media on paper mounted on canvas, 16x20_

Sign of Frankenstein:
Charity Baker, Noga Cohen, Tine Lundsfryd, KellyAnne Hanrahan, Jesse McCloskey, Nicole Parcher and Adi Blaustein Rejto

Curated by Robert A. McCann

March 31-May 1, 2022

A signal hovers in the evening sky.  A door becomes Death’s arm.  Patterns emerge and dissolve in oil. Picnic forks bleed into fire’s smoke.  A familiar stranger is stitched together and animated with lightning. 

Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to present Sign of Frankenstein, an exhibition of some thirty recent paintings by eight New York City based artists.  The artists do not share a singular theme or mode of representation or abstraction.  They are loosely affiliated by their layered practices.  In this show viewers are invited to consider painting as an aggregate media, to look to what is combined or collected. 

Deep down in the roots of painting is the alchemy of mixture and hybridity.  The canvas is turned into an arena for intimately handling questions and ambiguities.   It is the coalescence of ways and means.  A container for gathered stories, myths, and memories.  And the compilation of moments, hours, and days. 

Artists in the exhibition include Charity Baker, Noga Cohen, KellyAnne Hanrahan, Tine Lundsfryd, Nicole Parcher, Jesse McCloskey, and Adi Blaustein Rejto.  Curated by Amos Eno member artist Robert McCann.


Robert McCann has exhibited his work around the USA for over 20 years and he became an old dad for the first time in 2020.  He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Art, Art History & Design at Michigan State University, where he teaches in Painting and Foundations.



Image: Jesse McCloskey, Apollo and Daphne, 11 x 14 in, mixed media on paper and painting on canvas (2020)

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