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VOLT: An Electroacoustic Percussion Concert

December 18, 2015

John Luther Adams
String Quartet
Tristan Perich

Come to Amos Eno Gallery to enjoy some great percussion music enhanced with a diverse array of electronics.

Sequential by Tristan Perich
I Melted by Robby Bowen
Pat, Paat by Brooks Frederickson
Aphasia by Mark Applebaum
Momentary Expanse by Tristan Perich
Red Arc/Blue Veil by John Luther Adams

Suggested Donation: $10

20's Something Photo Shoot

June 29, 2015

Are you in your 20's and want to take part in a photo shoot? Are you tired of hearing that millenials are obsessed with social media and unplugged from the real world? Would you like a stylized and striking portrait of yourself that declares your identity?

If you say YES to any of the above, drop by Amos Eno Gallery on Monday, June 29 between 3:00 - 9:00 pm with a choice of a possession that defines you. Each photo session will take 10 minutes. This event continues the millennial portrait project “20’s Something” by Tulu Bayar exhibited in April at Amos Eno Gallery. In keeping with the project, your portrait will include the act of throwing a material or possession towards the camera lens and the viewer, each bold gesture declaring who you are.

Be part of a collaborative, and therapeutic art project!

Human Rights Tattoo

June 13, 2015

June 13th Dutch community artwork Human Rights Tattoo will launch in New York where a part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be tattooed, letter-by-letter, on visitors of Northside Festival and other human rights ambassadors. By tattooing this text, one of the most meaningful texts in the history of humanity on a group of 6773 people world wide, Human Rights Tattoo is building a living work of art. This will be the first time that Human Rights Tattoo is presented in the United States. 


Human Rights Tattoo

The Human Rights Tattoo project is a community art project started by Dutch artist Sander van Bussel, that aims to create awareness and underline the importance of Human Rights. Its goal is to tattoo the complete Declaration of Human Rights on individuals, letter by letter. The complete text of the declaration contains 6773 letters. Each person gets one character. This means that in the end, there is a group of 6773 people from all around the world walking together with the complete text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A community of 6773 individuals worldwide with a small piece of their skin donated for human rights. Today, 2510 people from 53 different countries joined Human Rights Tattoo so far! The whole process of tattooing this declaration worldwide takes up to 7 years. 


Become a Human Rights ambassador for life!

Human Rights Tattoos are a perfect way to spread awareness. The message within the artwork 

is adopted and spread by all who participate. Human Rights Tattoo is a sustainable and very 

personal way to share the importance of human rights. As a participant, you are connected to 

this living artwork and its goals for the rest of your life! 


How to get your Human Rights Tattoo?

Participants, who join us on this tattoo day, get the first letter in order of the declaration. This means that you can’t choose the tattooed letter. Size and place on the body of the tattoo is up to each individual. The motivations of the participants will be united on the Human Rights Tattoo website ( On the site you can read the declaration in tattoos. Every tattooed letter is clickable, so one can see who is behind the letter and what his motivation for the letter is. Human Rights Tattoos are free.


Made by a community 

Sander van Bussel from art collective Tilburg Cowboys is creative founder of Human Rights Tattoo. The murder of fellow artist and Steven ‘Nyash’ Nygah in Nairobi in 2012 motivated him to pursue his idea.  Human Rights Tattoo has since then grown into a community of human rights ambassadors, volunteers and organizations who all work together to accomplish Human Rights Tattoo. 


Brooklyn based tattoo artists Emily North and Dorothy Lyczek will donate their time and skills to this project on Northside Festival.

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