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Rosemary Mesa-DesPlas, "I Look Like A Woman, I Cut Like A Buffalo", watercolor, 10x8"

Paper Fête

Works on Paper

December 2 - 17, 2016


Amos Eno Gallery is pleased to present Paper Fête, an exhibition of works on paper drawn from a public call for artists. Please join us at our late night events on Friday, December 2 when we will be open until 9 PM. The reception and holiday party will be held Friday, December 9, 7 - 10 PM. 

Artists in the exhibition responded to an open call to exhibit work in the humble, accessible, personable and affordable medium of paper. Recent political events have put some people in the mood for commodity, while creating for others an urgency to communicate. Works in this exhibition represent a range of contemporary concerns; feminism, race, governance, as well as formal concerns including the celebrated handmade collage and the seamless digital.


“Works on paper have an experimental nature,” says exhibition curator Mary Gagler. Overall, works on paper are not premeditated to the same degree as works in other media like painting. Paper as a medium is more fragile and ubiquitous, without the same long history of painting as an art form. It is also increasingly superfluous, no longer required for receipts or movie tickets. Like the VHS tape, which was once the sole medium for sharing instructional videos and favorite TV shows, paper pulp is commodified based on content alone.

This exhibition features work by: Eric Banks, Samuel Bennett, Annemarie Coffey, Nancy Elsamanoudi, Chris Esposito, Tim Gowan, Matthew Greco, Kenneth Hill, Roman Kalinovski, Everett Kane, Barbara Lekus, Heather Lyon, Heidi Neff, Anjuli Rathod, Constance Slaughter, Meredith Starr and Claudia Tait.

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