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Arrival (2022), Kahori Kamiya. 60” x 40”, oil, foam on canvas
Solo show view 1m
Blooming Flow
Long Eclipse
Eruptive Rhapsody (2021), Kahori Kamiya.23” h x 19”w x 13”, plaster, breast pumping bra, foam, fabri
I have been waiting for you
Bloom _ Falling
I have been waiting for you detail
Cave time
Solo painting installation view
Giving Tree
Mystic body
Kahori Kamiya at Amos Eno Gallery Exhibition View Right :  Football-hold (2021), 73" x 44" x 46", wi
Welcome Back (2021), Kahori Kamiya 113" x 127" x 125", fabric, wire, thread, chair, foam, paint, fur
Football-hold detail (2021), Kahori Kamiya.73" x 44" x 46", wire, plaster, oil paint, foam, wood, fa
Performance "Welcome Back" at Amos Eno Gallery (2021), Kahori Kamiya.15 minutes
Long Eclipse (2021), Kahori Kamiya.112” x 72”, oil, feather, foam, fabric on linen
Nursing Trophy (2021), Kahori Kamiya. 60" x 40", oil on canvas
Visual Arts Gallery Exhibition View, work by Kahori Kamiya. ThunderBird Escape  Styrofoam, two video
Real Fighter, Kahori Kamiya. Styrofoam, bell, paper, FRP 72" h x 100" w x 92"d
Kahori Kamiya

Kamiya makes art to heal human trauma. All of her works are visceral and rooted in her memories and experiences. Inspired by the Japanese ancient Animism idea and mythological healing power, her current works focus on mothering and nurturing. She uses a wide range of techniques such as painting, modeling, sewing, and performance. As a part of her art making process, she utilizes her Reiki healing skills to explore human dynamics about living, growing, suffering, and grieving so as to heal the hurt of her viewers.


Kamiya was born in Nagoya, Japan and moved to New York, where she received her second MFA in Fine Art from the School of Visual Arts. She is a recipient of the Face mask Award from Hudson Valley MOCA in 2020, the 1st Prize at ANTE Mag in 2021, and ISCP residency for upcoming year. Also, her works were featured by Art Spiel in 2021 and WMHT Public Media TV by Brooklyn rail critic PhD Robert R Shane in 2021.


Her works have been showing in both national as well as international exhibitions including Woodstock Artists Association Museum in NY, Van Der Plas Gallery in NY, Oculus Westfield World Trade Center, Prospect Gallery in Australia, Dumbo Arts Festival in Brooklyn, the 14th Media Art Biennale Alternative Now in Poland, and Pärnu International Film & Video Festival in Estonia.


Long Eclipse, 2023



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