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Royal Tar Collective

Into The Weeds

Hosted by Ari Richter

Friday, June 22, 2018


Amos Eno Gallery presents Into the Weeds, an evening of comedy, music and performance art, hosted by Queens-based artist Ari Richter. 


Into the Weeds describes the circuitous journey that leads us between birth and death. Our cornfield maze of life is haunted by an evolving cast of beliefs, fears, obsessions and actors in homemade monster costumes. Every time our paradigms shift, new paths are opened and old ones get overgrown. 


While we must ultimately go it alone through the labyrinths of our making, any time we meet at a pass is cause for celebration. Come celebrate with your host and performers of various disciplines and relish with us the process of getting lost. 


The event will take place at the gallery, on the first floor of 56 Bogart St in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. Into the Weeds is held in conjunction with What Happens When You Die and When You're Born, a solo exhibition by José-Ricardo Presman.


Featuring performances by:

Allison Brainard

Sean J Patrick Carney

Jude Dry
Rachel Dry

Steven Markow + Lucy Cottrell

Lorelei Ramirez

Ari Richter

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