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Elena BArenghi poem
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Elena Barenghi


Born in Switzerland, a wanderer by nature from her adolescence,
she write poems that led her into song, fashion, art and design.
Very young when living in Lausanne, she is commissioned to do
interior design projects for various flats in Megève in the French

In Milan she works in fashion for CoSTUME NATIONAL, then
becomes a model, she is selected by the Elite agency and is on the
cover of the posters for a large exhibition on Maestro Capucci.
in Rome she is still writing poems and begins her artistic career
that over the years develops through painting, photography and
drawing. In Florence she attends the Istituto Spinelli per l’ Arte e
il Restauro where she refines her artistic practice. She then flies to
New York where she studies literature at the New School and
writes poems that she recites in venues in the East Village. She
publishes a book of poems in English, French and Italian ” Il
Sogno Dell ‘Unicorno” with Stampalternativa.

Back in Europe she writes songs and publishes an album entitled
Giorì with Amiata Records. Her song ” Vèrs l”Est ” becomes a hit
in Japan and the video of the single “Twist Druma” is a hit on
MTV.And then she becomes a mother, leaves Italy for Brussels
where she opens a concept store ‘EM 72’, a Bed and Breakfast
‘Ruedarwin17’ and works as an interior decorator. Ruedarwin17
appears in various interior books and magazines in Europe and
elsewhere. She teaches a Master Class on ‘Luxury Living’ at the
IED in Rome.

Back in New York she continues to work as an interior designer
and attends Parsons School of Design’, creates a module for
collective workplaces. Module’.

She now lives between New York and Noto, where she has just
completed a Mural, inspired by the history of Noto, commissioned
by the municipality.


The Golden Rule, September 2023

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