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Incomplete Mass Studies #1_Digital work_2015
Vertical Waves-frame_Digital work_2015
May Arc_ 30"X20"_Digital work_2015
Emotional Fatigue_H36inXW24in_Acrylic on Wood Panel_2015
A part of your land_H24inXW18inAcrylic on Wood Panel_2015
Erased memory_H12inXW12in_Acrylic on Wood Panel_2015
Pieces of mind-J252015_Digital work_2015
Shelves of 2Ds
No Place to Rely On


Through my work, I create an iconic composition of variant yet idiosyncratic forms, contours and surfaces reinvented from the physical appearance of materials or the imaginary shapes of my drawings. For my selective attention to particular shapes and peculiar looks discovered in everyday visual realm ­ fashion, architecture, graphic design and nature, I intentionally (or unconsciously) archive things and images by collecting dismantled objects, cutting out a part from a whole image, and photographing a certain framed view. I personalize each one as an original beauty defined through my intimate observation, moreover each individual element in my work is like a piece of me, representing my emotional and psychological state.


My work is not only a self ­expression, but also a platform to present my suggestive notion based on an investigation of a complex relationship between a human and a certain surrounding. In 2D works, painting and mixed­ media collage, I construct a geographical map­like imagery or a loosely structured scenery by blending various outlines rendered with multiple colors and patterns. 3D works explore possibilities of converting a plain space into a personalized space through the use of often a combination of varied types of material ­ mainly paint and industrial materials, that organically fulfills the physical space, creating uniquely immersive environments incorporated with the existing architectural components.





interior landscape, 2016

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