Cynthia Laureen Vogt


The imagery in these multilayered and elliptical works are collages generated from original photographs, reproduced and modified as xerographic and digital laser prints on paper and transparencies. Pieces are then cut out and sewn together into unique accordion-fold artist’s books.


Combinations of opaque and translucent layers create subtle reflections and shadows that shift and change with the viewer’s position relative to each work, augmenting its physical and illusory qualities. Moving figures, banal objects, and/or text communicate through gesture, sense of motion, placement and repetition within the rhythmic structure of the book’s folded pages. Ranging in size from 2 to 5 inches high when standing, they are highly detailed and intimate theaters where explorations of physicality, time, communication and human perception intersect and play off of each other in curious and sometimes startling ways.


Unsettled Alphabets, 2015



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